Video: Colombia, ch 3

Video about Colombia, part 3: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Siberia, ruins of the lost city.


Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

Exactly where the Andes part and release in the Pastaza River Amazon jungle, in the shade of huge stratovolcanoes Tungurahua, in cozy small valley, similar


Video: Colombia, h. 1

Video about Colombia, part 1-Medellin, El Pen′ol′ in Guatapé, Los Nevados, páramo and gornâžka.


8 interesting places in Mexico

Especially for readers of the blog Tripsta, we decided to share the most interesting places in which we were able to visit, traveling to Mexico.


Sounds Of Panama

We in Panama City! All parts of the city are preparing to celebrate independence from Colombia and Spain.


Colombia, trailer

See the new video about Colombia, the nineteenth country to our trip around the world!


Nicaragua Sounds

We are located in the city of León, Spain. Sounds a siren. It is difficult to understand what she calls out, but it sounds almost


Sounds Of Costa Rica

We are located in the heart of the tropical country, Costa Rica. Somewhere in the distance a frightening scream monkeys-howler monkey, it is not scary