If you find yourself in the point of intersection of the Panama Canal and the Pan-American Highway, then it will be Panama City is the


Riobamba and Cuenca, Ecuador

On Earth, feel long before the arrival of the Incas, with a difference of twenty-three years, almost five hundred years ago, the Spaniards founded two


Vilcabamba, Peru, Ecuador

The small village of Vilcabamba, Peru, you definitely will recommend to visit not only every Ecuadorian, but each printed Guide to the country. This paradise


Ecuador, trailer

Watch new videos about Ecuador, the twentieth country our trip around the world!


Sounds of Colombia, part 2

Wake up in the cool of the mountains surrounded by Colombian nature and birdsong. A little later, collect the tent and go to the Finn,


Laguna Kuikoča glacier Cayambe

Ecuador is an amazing country, with one very noticeable advantage: everything here is close. Go hiking, you hardly find yourself severely isolated from civilization, so