Sounds of Bolivia

4 weeks before Santa's Semana – Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) – in Bolivia in all villages and cities you can meet noisy processions, carnivals, festivities and festivities, including at night. We wake up from the sounds outside the doors of the house and hear the crowd approaching and then moving away.


Travel to Peru YB125, part 1

A year ago bought a new low-power Yamaha YB125 red, privarili stands for our belongings, loaded baggage, sat down with a friend and drove from


Sounds Of Ecuador

Sounded the siren in the small town of Baños De Agua Santa, informing about the danger of eruption of Tungurahua. The warning is posted in


In high Pampa Peru

To get to the Pacific coast in the dry desert and the fertile valley of the Inca's sacred, to overcome the Highlands of the Western


City of antipodes

There is such a notion as city-antipodes. Such places on the globe, because most of the falls on the oceans.