Colored lagoons of the Cordillera Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca is snow ridge, part of the Andes mountain system, is it from North to South and thus divides the territory of central Peru into two sections-East and West. The highest point in Peru is located here. Eternal glaciers give the mountain a kaleidoscope array of Lakes the most different shades of blue and dark blue. This is an incredible and wonderful world that is changing very rapidly today in connection with global warming and human activity.

Cordillera Blanca

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The lagoons Varmikocha and Orkonokocha

Perhaps the most readily available from those that we today will show. Two huge Lakes, are drawn to each other through the Valley, connecting the East and West. Upper Lake Orkonokocha (literally "male Lake) has a height of 3860 meters after kilometer poured into bottom-Varmikocha (" female Lake)-height of 3850 meters, merged into one, the waters of these lakes are leaving the village of Yungay on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera and there fall into the waters of the river Santa ("Holy"). These lakes were venerated in ancient cultures residing on both sides of the mountains. And they symbolize (how it is not difficult to guess), the duality of nature and this duality merging into one. Today, Varmikocha and Orkonokocha are popular among tourists for its symbolism, but for awesome colors-each Lake your shade of Turquoise. Top-a bit smaller and a bit greener, and the bottom is almost entirely blue. Janganuko Gorge, hosts two Great Lakes, perfect its climate for Andean endemic polilepisa (unique tree of the Rosaceae family). And the polilepis thrives along described lagoons. These trees here reach incredible proportions, and their trunks have the freakish form!

Laguna 69

Amazing Lake color Sapphire, fueled by Chakrarahu glacier. Inability to drive up transport, and sufficiently serious height-4612 meters make Lagoon is more appetizing than another. Day trekking to the blue water becomes a small test, for which, however, each which had done the way receives a reward in the form of incredible mountain views and the lagoon, situated directly below the snowy and icy ledges, and then with a bang showered down. Almost the entire route of the travellers accompany the cow, which weathers the height and at an altitude of 4000 meters start owning little fur viskachej-wild relatives of chinchillas.

Laguna Palkakocha

Funny title of this Lagoon is a little distracting from his sad history and no less sad. Not so long ago in the year 1941, Palkaranka mountain in the earthquake dropped multi-ton piece of ice with ourselves-part of its glacier. Wave, caused by falling boulders ruined the bed of Lake and water rushed through the Valley in Huaraz, typing the path in itself rocks, chunks of dirt, ice and debris. Huaraz has undergone the strongest destruction, more than 6 thousand people died in the crash. Since then glacial lakes began to treat seriously and provide their protivoselevymi structures. Palkakocha has one of the most powerful of such systems and it, including making her one of the most interesting. Huge tube stretch for more than a kilometer from Lake dam in the Gorge, in the event of a new wave of unload thread make it uniform and not allow him to razrusht' Lodge. Today this beautiful bright blue lagoon is a clear example of climate change on the planet. Glaciers melting over it with incredible speed, and the size of the Lake, its depth and capacity change with each new year.

Laguna Iyaka

Jaka is available for visitors and lovers of mountains in two ways-on foot (a long way), or by car/motorbike (in this case, it would be a complete drive for machines and inexhaustible adventurism for motorcycle). The peculiarity of this Lagoon is a rapidly melting glacier descending from the eponymous shestitysjachnika Ranrapalka. Over the past thirty years the glacier Iyaka decreased twice, releasing almost three miles of alluvial debris and Morin. On this very liberated space today are new lagoons the color dirty milk. Here you can feel completely on another planet, come close to the glacier and listen to curdling sounds inside the caves.

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