Sounds Of Ecuador

Sounded the siren in the small town of Baños De Agua Santa, informing about the danger of eruption of Tungurahua. The warning is posted in two languages: Spanish and Quechua …

Sounds of Ecuador to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

At night we go closer to the volcano, to consider this dangerous idea. Flying fireflies, frogs croaking, and at 7 kilometers from our tent rustles volcano. Sometimes it rattles, sometimes quieter. But the worst thing is when he calms down.
After a lull in the volcano as though explodes! Very well seen as flying stones and lava. The sky is illuminated by flashes, and the slopes of bottled bright orange lava. We should run away from there.

Transferred to the capital of Ecuador, Quito. There are people in the streets protesting at the rally and asked the Government to deal with the problems in the country.
Out there in the streets shouting "4 for 1 dollar" sellers, because the national currency is the American dollar.
Card players there in Central Park Nestled next to players and actively playing for money.
There regulirovshhicy whistles to attract the attention of drivers and show where they go.

Our next item-the town of Tena. Passes machine scavengers. Throughout Ecuador garbage trucks can be heard from afar and ahead of time to go out on the street with a bag of garbage.
The Zoo roam in enclosures, tapirs, ostriches, coati, the Galapagos tortoise. But hear you now local parrots.

Back in Quito. Guy passes by us, carrying a long metal rod.
We sit down to dinner in the same Park where Ecuadorians playing cards. For lunch, soup with crab. We give out a plate and a wooden hammer, so that you can get crab meat.
Sellers and clicked continue their workdays.
In the evening we sit down on the bus and go home. At each stop with the clatter and noise drops heavy metal ramp.

Let's hear together.

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