Review on avtofon Alpha-Lighthouse (+ discount)

Those who are already ready to buy GPS-Lighthouse (or still does not know what is) would be useful to know about a device called Alpha-Avtofon lighthouse.

When we are thinking about buying a motorcycle in South America, it would be interesting to do a map would display the location of the motorcycle in real (+-a few hours) of the time. Still like to show the current height and temperature.
Then we realized that we need a GPS beacon. The choice was among different models, but in the end we settled on the model of the Alpha-lighthouse from the company Avtofon, because:
the beacon the size of a matchbook,
-u Avtofona have the opportunity to obtain the necessary data to us via the API on the map
the lighthouse can work 3 years on one set of batteries
-body of water-and dustproof,
-It's a new model:)

If you want to buy any gps beacon of model range of the company Avtofon, you can do it at a discount! To do this, click on the link to the site Autofon-russia. There will be a yellow Strip with promo code and will give a discount of 300 rubles.

From the description of the lighthouse
"AvtoFon Alpha Beacon" can be used for the following purposes:
• Protection against theft and detection of stolen car.
• Monitoring of personal service and special vehicles.
• Determination of the location of the stolen motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, bicycles and other equipment.
• Tracking of people in need of guardianship (children, elderly and sick people) and their discovery.
• Monitoring the whereabouts of pets: dogs, cats and cattle.
• Monitoring the movement of valuable cargoes and searching them in case of loss.
• Creation of uniforms (mobile) panic button: protect or call police.

Delivery Kit

delivery Kit
1. The beacon itself Alpha-Avtofon lighthouse.
2. Leather case (useful to strengthen the shoulder collar, for example, animals).
3. Double-sided strong Velcro.
4. The user's Guide.
5. Data card for entrance to personal cabinet.

The first inclusion

Open Tracker

With 5 times the quick press the SOS button (only one button on the device) Lighthouse turns on and makes 3 things: trying to discover on cellular towers and GPS; get the GPRS command (if you specified in the personal area); send collected data to the server.

If you go to your personal cabinet according to the card, we will see our device, its data, map with the current location and the menu of commands. You can do different things, for example commands:
-set the frequency for communications and send the coordinates of every few minutes to days and weeks
-turn battle mode, where the Lighthouse is constantly Online,
-change your device settings, reflash it.

Personal cabinet

Personal cabinet

The manufacturer reports that for use in RF prepaid package SIM card is enough for 3 years. Overseas rates vary because of roaming.
We'll tell you later how Lighthouse will behave in different countries of South America, on how much you need to replenish your balance and other details. Stay tuned to this and other articles.

By the way, gps-Lighthouse-a great gift for the new year or birthday! Offline search engine will be pleased and car enthusiast, and those who have a dog. You can also give a beacon of their children or elderly relatives, to always know where they are and not lost.

Watch a video explaining the work of GPS beacons

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