Sounds of Colombia, part 2

Wake up in the cool of the mountains surrounded by Colombian nature and birdsong. A little later, collect the tent and go to the Finn, where grown and harvested coffee. First fall berries add to cart …

Sounds of Colombia to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

After harvesting the coffee Berry must pass fermentizaciû, then the grains washed, cleaned and dried. Then the grains you need to sift and select the best. Periodically during drying coffee beans need to stir, so they dried out evenly.
Our friends-campesino happy to talk and show the entire process of working with coffee.
Move to a small town where everyone loves to have fun and have a good rest. Songs …
In the morning go to the cafe on the street, where breakfast and talks with the owners of the establishments of an elderly woman and soon joins the elderly man no less.
Suddenly find ourselves at an annual Festival in the village of Sibundoj, where the indigenous population is collected from different parts of Colombia and celebrate the arrival of the new year Betsknate. It's a big celebration with dances, rituals, with songs in the temple with otryvaniem cock head under the ceremonial gate on the street.

Let's hear together.

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