Sounds of Colombia, part 1

We find ourselves on a street filled with riders. Today celebration-cavalcade …

Sounds of Colombia to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

We find ourselves on a street filled with riders. Today celebration-cavalcade. Once a year passes horse parade, which brings together all the campesino and is an occasion to show each other the main wealth-expensive horses.
Move in the Colombian mountains early in the morning, when the birds have only just awake. Nearby is a small settlement, where helmeted cock and neighing horses.
Then transferred to the streets of Cartagena, where already have breakfast in a small eatery, local residents and the booming something discusses. And the pavement rides a horse cart, hurrying to the place of work and izvozu tourists.
In the evening are in concert and listen to the Colombian songs performed by Orchestra and famous singer.
On the streets of Medellin (and not only) can be heard as shout "Masamoooora!" is a corn chowder, which is poured from large vats and sold at lunchtime.
Later on this same Street Parade of local schoolchildren. In honor of what the parade in honor of someone we don't have time to learn because students quickly hiding around the corner.
In the House where we lived in Medellin, lived and talkative parrot. He knew a lot of interesting sayings, podceplennyh from conversations with his mistress-an old lady with a sonorous voice.

Let's hear together.

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