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A rare two-step chacana. Age of which a little more than 1000 years. In the literature met on the strength of three descriptions of such CHAKAN, two of them in Bolivia. And here, it turns out there's a fourth (descriptions of which are still there), which is still not really reached the hands of scientists. And if the other two (three or four-speed) more or less transcribed, this still remains a mystery. BTW, very interesting Inca-trnhstupenčatoj čakany values-it they encrypted their main principles of creation of the world, the notion of time, life, death and the three basic rules of each Member of the Empire "don't lie, don't voruj, don't be lazy", one that character you can assess whether they were wise and precious in their ideas. The small size of the observer, but we find it especially cherish #chacana #precolumbian #SouthAmerica:) #Peru #lovePeru # vokrugsveta

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