San Cristobal de las Casas

Morning. The Sun fills the city. Streets are still empty, but on the main pedestrian-in kafeshkah already put tables and chairs, hoarded from the night. In this city faces late (this does not apply, of course, to older Berliners-they have already made all necessary deeds). The majority did not hurry, yielding the streets cool.

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San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristobal de las Casas. Wonderful place in a River Valley surrounded by mountains. The place from which it was difficult to leave, and because people are free and not encumbered by an employment contract can easily remain here a bit longer. Artists and musicians, jewelers, dreamers, drifters and other writers from around the world come for a little bit, then fall in love, find their inspiration and remain here. Mixing people from various countries with local Indian population creates a special ethnic microclimate. Somewhere in the South of the great Mexico, in a small town in the mountains, the Wayfarer can find anything! For example, real Italian pizza, because it makes Italian chef once tell in San Cristobal, French pastries, majânskij hot chocolate with pepper, Japanese sushi, Thai noodles, chocolate truffles or Lebanese hookah-all this will be very real.

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It's hard to believe that twenty years ago, San Cristobal was very private. Indian-the indigenous people of Chiapas could visit the city during daylight hours only. To stay in the former colonial capital they had to arrange a security pass. With ninety-four years the situation has changed and in the free city of influx of exiles from the overcrowded neighbouring villages and spread on the outskirts. Therefore, today, day and night on the streets you can hear the Tzotzil language. Women and children, selling a variety of food products, handmade gifts and flowers not only speak the language of the descendants of the Maya, but clothes are national, that every village has its own distinctive details and colors. After living some time in San Cristobal, you can say with certainty what villages a passerby. Indians in traditional clothing dilute with crowds of strolling tourists and those who have already managed to take root here. Eyeballing the persons can be attributed to the passers of the case in San Kristobole is a terribly nice and really interesting to do (which rarely happens where in General).

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Here you can feel the freedom, for the simple life, it's all over. In the noise of motors of old beetles in bright muralâh, decorating the faded walls-here not called their graffiti, muralov is painted with meaning. There are spring-and it lasts incredibly long. There are rain and clouds clinging to the ridges of the hills. Here right in the courtyards of the houses grow avocado and oranges. Here the flowers by the window fly hummingbirds. Here live parrots and noisy cyanolyca similar to forty.

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Yes, to this city is hard to remain indifferent! He scattered over the hills, its streets-narrow, paved with tiles-run down and soar upward from this even from the nearest walks increased pulse and breathing, and if you don't know what the feeling of the love-prenepremenno feel all his symptoms to the yourself! And beware, if meet street musicians. If you suddenly, breathlessly, you still and sing along or moving, consider a done deal-San Cristobal de las Casas has already entered your heart, and it is quite possible this forever!

  • Want to see inside the pyramid tomb of the great ruler of the Maya, open only to archaeologists?
  • Want to climb to the roof of the colonial church, buried under a layer of ash during volcanic eruption in 1943?
  • Or visit the Indian communes of Central America is still pursuing confusing, and sometimes simply frightening pagan rituals?

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