Where lies the music to YouTube without copyright

Many who uploads videos to Youtube excites the standing question: music without copyright for YouTube, where her take? In this article I will talk about its six sources.

What is music without copyright?

When we load the video on Youtube, the system automatically checks to see if the video music and what you have it right. The outcome of the inspection may be several options:

  • 1. The most positive outcome: your video will be able to see anyone under any device and it will not be shown advertising or your advertisement will be displayed.
  • 2. Less positive option: your video will be able to see anyone under any device and it will appear advertising rights holder (s) to the music.
  • 3. So-so option: your video will be limited in certain countries and/or on certain devices (most commonly, mobile), and where will appear-be with advertising revenue from which would go to the copyright holder to music.
  • 4. Is not an option: your video will be excised audio track.
  • 5. Very-very bad is not an option: block fully video, and perhaps even fully account.

Almost all the options I had to face. Well, except for the last))

First it was unpleasant that inserting a video in social networking such as Facebook, our group subscribers could not watch video on mobile devices-the reason is that the user should go on the desktop version and on youtube and there it advertised, the income from which b was going to the holder of the copyright in the musical composition.

I then began looking for a way out.

Where to find music without copyright

I began to see what music use other channels owners. Most often, few people pay attention to it. But in vain … music sets the mood, subtly conveys a particular emotion. And the viewer immediately thinks: "positive!", "Romantic", "Sad", "inspiring!". It is important to not repeat in a musical performance, because subconsciously videos will seem similar. Even if the video is completely different!

1. Youtube music library

YouTube-audio-library-550x205Library is full of free music. But it's so simple and hackneyed songs that among them is very difficult to find "pearls".

Example: Dutty-Vibe Tracks

From pluses:
+ You can set Genre, mood, Instrument, duration,
+ You can select compositions, where you do not need to specify the author,
+ has a library of sounds,
+ You can make lists of favorites.

-compositions use tens of thousands of times and you hear them again and again in different video channels

2. Music library Vimeo

vimeo_music_storeIn this library too many totally free songs. More choice, but due to the fact that not all tracks are assigned tags, it is difficult to find what you need. More often than not I enter keywords to find what I need. For example: latina, world, chinese, asian, way, travel, journey, road.

Example: Greg Houwer-May we die in peace

The pros and cons of practically the same as the Youtube library, you can only add more:
+ great selection of interesting and unique compositions
-more paid than free compositions.

3. AIR partner program library

11e07cfSome time ago I hooked up our Youtube Channel to AIR affiliate program not only how much for the sake of increasing profits (new types of advertising in video and other pieces), but for the sake of music library! She really deserves praise.

Example: Prelude To The Andes

AIR allows you to use Dewolfemusic library without sanctions of YouTube. It's just a great library! Huge selection of music, interesting, in any genre and taste. You can select the desired duration and pace. Music pick and download very quickly.

+ Great selection of musical compositions.
+ Absence of complaints by rights holders and the legal ability to monetize video.
+ Flexible filters.

-You need to be a registered partner network AIR, and they have a selection criteria (presence of video you have on the channel and the required number of hits)

4. Music portal with Soundcloud

soudcloudHuge selection of songs. Those that can be used, have a button for downloading. In your search you can set an option to modify commercially "to video could you monetize on Youtube.

Example: Los Destellos-La Cumbia del Japones

Library of free music without copyright for use on YouTube then very much! You can spend hours looking for lots of good songs.
Of the cons can be called only when the perpetrator mill known enough, he can change the law of composition-then the video may be blocked. But I have so far.

Write that on SoundCloud at the time of the download, it is important to do at least a screenshot. Very often over time the owner changes the license Creative Commons. And if on YouTube (clip already filled) will not touch you, then further spread the movie can become problematic: for tv and websites of companies collecting roller on program. They will not be able to spend it on their securities without purification contract rights.

5. Library of free music Ccmixter

ccmixter_logo_300dpiLarge selection of free songs. The authors are posting their tracks, other authors have their remix, combined with his music or with music of other authors. You can see who what song took and where used. Often the music is broken into multiple tracks, so that you can use only what you need or combine differently.
Using tags, you can select songs by style, tempo, mood, instruments.

Example: Stefan Kartenberg-2 guit Am 120

The cons can be attributed to too, and pluses-each composition suited to only one video, it is difficult to find a "universal" tracks.

6. Novice composers

areas_theory_headerSometimes you can find unique things. For example, once I found the composer Andrei Nejlera, who authorized the use of his songs in the video. Good performers are holding pabliki, where you can meet with their creativity. One of them lives in topics like this.

Example: Andrey Nailer-A Gentle Silence

And what music sources without copyright for YouTube using you? Share your experiences in the comments.

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