Sounds Of Panama

We in Panama City! All parts of the city are preparing to celebrate independence from Colombia and Spain.

Sounds of Panama to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

Here and there we meet repetiruûŝie group. Drum roll accompanied by several girls dancing ahead of the convoy.
Move to the famous Panama Canal. A small tug pulls a huge container ship from the Pacific Ocean. Sounds like a hoot, and they continue their journey ahead towards the Atlantic Ocean.
Back in Panama City and sit on the subway-bus network communications across the entire city. Announce the next stop.
Land of the famous islands of Bocas del Toro, where he filmed "the last hero". We, the participants of the tv show, live on the island. True in cozy cottage. Day on the veranda are hummingbirds, winning each other's territory and sweet. They flap their wings so frequently that resemble more the burly beetles with beaks!
And at night on our island surrounding tropical jungle announced funny shouts the little frogs. Under them and we fall asleep.

Let's hear together.

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