Nicaragua Sounds

We are located in the city of León, Spain. Sounds a siren. It is difficult to understand what she calls out, but it sounds almost every day and catching up.

Nicaragua sounds to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

Bus passes and we find ourselves at the bus station, where Barker very loud shout the names of cities, where their bus rides and they are ready to grab you and put to themselves without issues. Carefully choose the desired bus and go to the side nearest the volcano Telica.
Get already for the night, put up a tent and there starts a crazy thunderstorm! Immediately after the lightning thunders, ears stall, which means the lightning beat somewhere close! Rain drums on tent. But we sheltered from the rain and the us dry. so we wait until morning.
Morning happily greets us birdsong and buzzing bees on a nearby meadow with flowers. Everything alive is happy new day and we along with all too.
Suddenly shouts was worried some poultry. Followed by rumbles of Thunder in the distance. Thunderstorm is not gone far, and wanders around the volcano.
Back in the city, where on the main Piazza goes Iceman. Everyone knows that the sound of the Bell means that somewhere nearby are selling delicious ice cream, which rescues in the sultry heat.
Go to the temple on the main square. Outside another audible Iceman, and inside already zvenit kolokolchik Catholic service.
We again go to the volcano! And tropical forest here and there we come across Ant tracks-leafcutter ants. Let's podslušaem them squeaking conversations and trampling many toes!
Near the volcano Telica is mud thermal hot springs San Hosingo. You cannot swim there, but listen to how bul′kaût and noise sources. Let's hear …

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