Sounds Of Costa Rica

We are located in the heart of the tropical country, Costa Rica. Somewhere in the distance a frightening scream monkeys-howler monkey, it is not scary if they look around.

Sounds of Costa Rica to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

Shout and sing different birds, pereparhivaâ from branch to branch. Sometimes insert your Word insects.
Costa Rica-country waterfalls and rivers! You can find a completely wild waterfalls in which great swim.
Here we are again in the forest. Here shout some mysterious birds.
We then land on the Caribbean coast. Here, as throughout the country can meet tourists from all over the world. Some foreigners have opened their business. For example, the American pair made a hostel, where we stopped for a few days. At the end of the evening they invite into your home, where arrange party with delicious food, music and mental calm talk.
Leaving the coast, on the one hand, you can hear the jungle with lots of crickets, and on the other above-mentioned Ocean!
Let's hear …

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