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Today was another day of work, which we carry out for computers. When any cleansing folders forever is something that makes you smile and enters in a dreamy State. Someone teaches does not bind to the memories, but we are not supporters:) What was ours. What has occurred anywhere from us to stay, will not be lost and won't run away. Memories, this is such a great warm cat, which comes sometimes falls to his knees and greet:) And this is perfect! For example, here's some day. Hair was short with us, and the trees around great:) United States so huge and rich country, that everyone who will be traveling in it, done your way, which will be as unique as fingerprints. Apparently from this, everyone seems to be that he had a special relationship with this country:) and we are no exception:) Will try to take advantage of every opportunity to visit it again and again:) #USA #RedWoodForest #memoriesfromtheway #aroundtheworldmoments #Cali #California

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