The Sounds Of El Salvador

We sit down in a regular intercity bus, the local "čikenbas", in which seat two people sit down to three, where traders go stops chips, vegetables, snacks. Such buses drive from the United States, recasting them from exhaust their school buses.

The sounds of El Salvador to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.
Do not forget to include subtitles.

In the capital, San Salvador, early in the morning we go to get on beatifikaciû Señora Romero-new Saint in Latin America. Turn kukukaûŝij traffic lights.
And get into a huge crowd of people singing and shouting the name of the former priest.
Right there on the street, people pričaŝaût. At the same time people are selling t-shirts with the image of Monsignor Romero, keychains, umbrellas, posters …

Fast forward briefly in the small town of Suchitoto. Here the morning birds singing passes rare citizen on the market for fresh vegetables. Sometimes visits the Queen of Spain Leticia, then the city begins to slowly wobble, joyful noise. As usual his condition-quiet, quiet, peaceful. Here relax looking at the hills and Lake Sučitlan.

Return to the ceremony of beatification. Everything here is also noisy, all scream merchants selling everything for dollars-currency countries. By the way, travel in El Salvador is roughly equal to 1 us dollar at 100 km.

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