Motoputešestvie around the whole South America, letter to partners and sponsors

We want to invite the participation of partners and sponsors in the South American stage (2016-2017 years) round-the-world trip, which began in September 2013 years and still continues.

Join the assistance for the motorcycle tours around the whole of South America! Maybe you are connected somehow with Moto-theme or your friends motorcycle shop or outfit, motosajt or something else related to Moto-theme. We have two suggestions:

The first sponsorship at any possible level. Better submit all presentation:

link to presentation

Second: we buy a bike and gear for their money, rolled and exploring places after each country make videos that will be viewed by thousands of users. And in these videos we put your screen saver.
Maybe you have more options? Write to us!

Our desire: make motoputešestvie around the entire South America for 2016-2017, collecting material in the form of sounds, images and videos, while continuing to lead an online diary on our website and social networks: Facebook, instagaram, youtube, facebook and twitter.

We have traveled on three continents, using different ways of movement, including the independently purchased the car in the United States and are now one step away from a long-standing dream-travelling in South America it is a motorcycle. We want to make our path was longer than that of Comandante Che and that is why we are looking for partners for cooperation-need a reliable motorcycle that matches our curiosity, love of adventure and desire to open new roads.

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