Broadcasting from under a backpack or how I look in a way

Recently, in the section "your questions, our answers" entered a completely unexpected question:

"I wonder, Nastya, on all video you look good and fresh. Do you have some secret? It is clear that at this rate you will not bring with it a makeup, and I wonder how girls in field conditions to take care of themselves. "
Unexpected at the outset because it is contrary to my own opinion about my appearance, including video and photos:) well, okay … Since I basically can't tell how to be beautiful in the journey, then talk about how not to become quite zamuhryžkoj. With this I'm doing yet. Although here, too, you can bet on someone else's view, probably long ago crossed the acceptable line:)

It really does not talk about brands of decorative cosmetics. Though there are in my backpack brasmatik favorite mascara (nothing human is alien to) discuss the shape and thickness of the eyebrows, too, believe that it is inappropriate to travel on your own preferences have no effect, and even manicure-kick beyond-here I have long lacked jurisdiction. Short trimmed nails-my only solution (oblupivšijsâ lacquer is equivalent to me, dirt under your fingernails, and do not know which of these two evils more: If the second occurs by itself and wound up with SOAP and water, then the first can be remedied only if you taskaeš′ with a couple of extra bubbles with chemical liquid).

If the contents of your backpack depends on your own physical abilities, then had to resort to the roots. Some of my techniques I'd willingly recommended including men:)

Be happy and in love

Everyone looks good especially when he's happy. Better only when he is in love with. Love magic thing at all-my favorite way, which unfortunately is the nature of surprise! If your body takes energy from some unknown reserves. You will automatically eat less, you're walking more, less sleep, you can't sit still in one place and in consequence more moving. You want to be better and all your creature begins to care about it. Towards the goal of your body selects instinctively. Strange but true-not only can you fall in love in people. Even in cities, for example (or in the language, or in an occupation) If, for example, a city with character, if its atmosphere matches with your inner content is safely surrender to that feeling and not stop it. Unfortunately, this feeling cannot be manipulated. It cannot be called artificial, but you can consciously strengthen or weaken:)

In the journey to be happy at the same time simple and difficult, because so many hardships sometimes feel. While the world opens up to you something very special. The most important thing for me to remember that suspended "Ballou" impressions I ask a positive or negative sign. There are situations in which it is harder to do from minus plus, there-which is easier. But no matter how it was hard sometimes, you should always try to. Money, by the way, there's really not an issue. Because if you can't make out the minus sign plus, even in the "hothouse" conditions there are necessarily superkomfortnyh reason to be dissatisfied, angry and unhappy.
So, the girls (and boys and in this paragraph), I can say: happiness is one of the most important conditions for good appearance:) This rule is distributed and neputešestvenničeskuû life. And only this way ensures absolutely truthful good appearance without the participation of camouflage, sometimes hard-to-reach such a long journey, tools such as beauty treatments and cosmetics.

Good mood

Mood too strongly affect my appearance. In the journey I became especially cherish it, listen to yourself (especially us two of my mood depends directly and Nikitino-and vice versa). This is how the banner, which must always be raised and lift the spirit of the whole team. Here I want to mentioned that sadness is also a good mood, which does not exclude the happiness. Secret goodness awaits you at how much fun you get from it. And if mourn in Kaif, and worry for you, nobody will. In Portuguese, for example, there is a very good word soudad (sodade), they called just the same sadness, good, which sometimes even fold very beautiful songs. That, and this I know from childhood-enjoy mood if I can't influence it.
But, as I have just said, his mood can be done. Here I have a couple of tricks.

Pay a little attention to the little things

For example, I have a few pairs of earrings. Let I has grown over the past three months alone, one able to change them-little lever, which I myself and speak. A few favorite dresses in a backpack. Ibid., several pieces that need me and with this preposterous (well, for example the Epilator or a graphics tablet, or a pack of coffee). Some of them manage to get quite seldom-kind of hard (literally) artillery, and some are able to brighten every day. There are stuck and supervažnaâ, justified and easy-this is a little secret that for almost a year makes me happier. Many years ago I read about it from the news of Tony (grateful to her!), and now am the proud owner of itself. Girls, especially traveling, this exceptionally useful link for you. This is a little trick that makes the female share in ways and adds harmony with the ecology of the surrounding world.


My mom all of my student years fought with my night bdeniâmi. Only now I realised how much she is right. I don't know what's wrong, whether old age takes its toll, whether in the mode of "wear" it becomes palpable, but the truth is simple: If several consecutive nights I can't sleep, begin to pour small problems-skin problems, memory, attention. Necessarily following this comes the absolute (healing) passivity, sooner or later will have to become a seal. Conclusion: good sleep saves time. In the journey I became particularly vulnerable if can't sleep properly. While the days of "the Sun"-when the Sun wake up and lie down-usually the most productive and rich.

Our own experience has shown that it is worth thinking about food. Of course, try to avoid fast-food, snacks, chips and "sticky competitive drinks" (not without exceptions-Cola-the best way to have sugar and caffeine in the blood, sometimes it saves). For us was important not to skip meals, and most important, do not miss the opportunity to cook for themselves. Try to eat healthy food (everyone for himself chooses a path). Seasonal fruits and vegetables. Interested in what the usefulness of produce in a given place and use them. For example, where produce coconut oil we buy (this by the way, and cream for skin and hair oil and cooking), honey, nuts, etc.


The presence of love decorates any and I'm no exception. It is in those moments when I feel like love fills me, so for me, I even like yourself. Love is beautiful in itself and if you suddenly vpuskaeš′ it and care about it you never left, and shell begins to adjust to this valuable content. It is not always easy for me to love, but it is my greatest desire, and in moments when I do successes-definitely look better:)


In each new place on our way, different climate, different culture and standard of living. It is worth to be interested in history, plants and everyday life. Especially local women wherein their daily care secrets. You only need to choose the one you like and see what stands on her dressing table (in the shower). This can become a fascinating journey into the world of fragrances, environmentally friendly products, oils and Beauty Secrets passed down from generation to generation.

Well, that's all! That's all my secrets! Haha:) Well, if anyone is still interested. The last cheesecake happened with us in the United States, and the last chocolate dessert called the "lava" in Mexico (I must say that it was something unimaginable! Some perfect magic, memories of which still blows up memory:) Cooked it our friend Anja Nikiforčina … Ann:) hardly anyone outperform your skill). Well, were sometimes rare local cookies and pies-doesn't count:) I meant that although it is depressing and sad, but the lack of sustainable access to delicious sweets too hike affect my appearance … But it is unlikely that I would be recommending this to someone else.

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