Camping at Atitlan. The way from San Pedro

In early May we arrived at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala-the Pearl. The first night was spent in the town of Panajachel, and the next day we sailed the boat across the Lake to the town of San Pedro.
About this village famous for amateurs to try any drugs in contemplation of the Lake we still tell you, and this article will tell how to climb the volcano Atitlan, where rare who goes. We chose it because it above the rest, less travel and free.

The way from San Pedro to volcano Atitlan

We tried to pass a Hitchhiker, but after three hours of standing on the outskirts of San Pedro realized that machine there really don't travel.
In 12:30 čikenbas, which arrived 10 quetzales per person took us to the town of Santiago Atitlan on awful dirt road. We went at least one and a half hours some 20-30 km.

Continue from Santiago Atitlan for 5 quetzales per person we reached the town of San Lucas Taliman, and reached the turn at San Andres hitchhiking a couple of kilometers and then walked.

Camping at Atitlan

Find a trail to the volcano is easy-see cellular Tower, topaete in the direction of (svorota with coordinates: 14.617713,-91.14855). Next, you need to go from a tower on the right road (rotation coordinates 14.61679,-91.15038) until it ends and becomes a trail (the coordinates of the beginning of the trail: 14.616925,-91.1576).

IMG_0200 [1600x1200]

Along the way you'll see plantations of avocado, we even ate a few fallen fruit from the trees until they are eaten by the caterpillars and insects. Still meet many coffee plantations and corn. See how farmers cut and burn the forest so that it is not dying, and remained alive until growing corn or coffee.

IMG_0535 [1600x1200]

IMG_0498 [1600x1200]

IMG_0526 [1600x1200]

IMG_0532 [1600x1200]

Ascent goes up no monotonically constantly runs. At one point begins just a steep climb through the forest (coordinates of large parking lots littered and began a steep climb: 14.598953,-91.1864). We began the climb from the main road with heavy backpacks in the evening, so after the 3:00 already on the dark set in the Woods tent to more-or-less flat surface. The next morning (or night, it was a 3:00 night) went light on. And night hard climb took us 4:00. But it was worth it! After the forest ends (coordinates 14.586881,-91.18678), starts the most beautiful. Especially in the wee hours of the morning and, when the clouds still just emerging and slowly rise to the top. Already 12 hours to peak in a shroud, so do go early.

IMG_0412 [1600x1200]

IMG_0391 [1600x1200]

IMG_0213 [1600x1200]

IMG_0218 [1600x1200]

By the way, there is a rift, from which fells hot steam where you can even cook something if you have with you. For example, eggs or bananas.

IMG_0382 [1600x1200]

The descent we have finished 3:00 light to camp and 2:00 up the road with backpacks. People come across the path of the friendly and good, simple hard workers-peasants. They gladly showed where we need to go, so we don't get lost. And at the top we were completely alone.

Happy climbing!

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