Sounds Of Mexico. Part 2

Immersed in the twilight of colonial arches of one of the churches, resting from the hot sun, suddenly seeing the start of the regular service, to which all parishioners are singing.

Sounds of Mexico to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.

And on the streets about God and time to remind Bell ringing. He is not like us, but it is in the nature of everything is relevant. Resounding, rough-exactly the same as colonial churches and cathedrals, heavy, black braids tight swarthy downed parishioners, bright as the Ribbon in clothing and hair.
If you leave the city by bus, get bored of dusty Pueblos villages will not be all the same musicians. They accompany any Mexican lifetime passing it between them from hand to hand. Songs can be the same, but are performed in their unique style. 11.12.14

Do not forget that Mexico is a country of revolutions, they are even now. And participates in most of the country. Even at the Jazz Festival tribute the next victims of the unrest. At each hiatus, thousands of people believe up to 43-remembering every killed police 11.12.14 student.

The streets of big cities full of sounds. Life here boils.

However, life boils and the ruins of the mysterious abandoned by residents of Teutiuakana. The biggest pyramid of the Sun in Mexico is open for passage to the top. Hundreds of people overcome the hard way by steep stairs to make a wish on top.

After the pyramids we stopped at the cafe, where passers-by-musicians played and sang for one table.
Street seller offers something for 10 pesos. Sounds of the street market in Mexico City.
Organ grinder in Mexico City.
In the evening on the streets of Guadalajara you can find dancing locals. They dance the dance of Maya, not letting go of the past culture.

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