Sounds Of Mexico. Part 1

Mexico is one of the richest countries in Latin America. That is why South and Central Americas here moves a constant stream of wanting to earn.

Attraction are of course big cities, all the money there. Mexico City and Guadalajara are street musicians of Peru, Bolivia, Chile … Here is this man from Argentina. Competition is great, and the audience he "WINS" playing several instruments at once: two kinds of sampon′o and string charango.

Sounds of Mexico to listen better in headphones. This 3D sounds.

Strolling through the streets I can not immediately sound, despite the fact that it fills all the space around. This rustling wings of thousands of festive flags which adorn temples, administrative buildings and simple houses.

And street musicians again. This time it's a little girl and, perhaps, her older brother with a guitar. Together they sing Flamenco today, quite seriously, without concessions to age. The crowd accepts them cordially and quickly collect the audience that does not let musicians.

In the cities, each holiday is celebrated widely. Hot Mexico-hot holidays. Independence day darkens new year. The streets overlap, all pedestrians are flocking to the Zocalo main square to hear the traditional speech by President to this day: "Viva Mexico!", they began State! But to get to the area you need to withstand just turn in the crowd.

Neither tourists nor locals haven't forgotten what was dokolumbovaâ in Mexico before the anthropological museum in Mexico City, every day and even repeatedly carry out ritual (TRA-Ta Ta-you need to find out what these ritual). "shamans"-thank you for the spectacle of a sonorous coin or purchasing any tool.

Mexico City-Alpine town, and if it is raining the whole day, then otogrevat′sâ the best warming in kafeshkah. We at the legendary čurrerii El Moro. Here on wooden chairs in the walls, decorated with azuleho-the overseas patterned tiles, listening to the organ grinder playing outdoors in progress, you can admire the Aboriginal seniors Mexico City, lovers, and a variety of Metropolitan residents. Europeans we never saw.

Back from Mexico City to Guadalajara, the country's cultural capital. the walls of one of the heavy cathedrals boils a brisk trade, and of course, again, the musician is slepovatyj grandfather. Street musicians is cool, but even nicer the way townspeople react. They take a tramp with joy, and hardly leave him hungry.

Mexicans themselves say about themselves "MUI Catholic"-very Catholic! And if in different States of Catholicism only stores the name (and is all the same Indian ritaly) in Jalisco, Guadalajara (city churches and cathedrals), on any day and at any time and almost in every church truly Catholic worshippers jaunts, only on holidays dancing for the Saints their ancient dances.

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