How to get to Chichen Itza and Uxmal free

We traveled to Yucatán hitchhike for about a week and during this time, visited the two archaeological zones: Uxmal, (Uxmal) and Chichen Itza (Chichen-Itza). Here we will technically, how to go there for free.

We do this not for the sake of bragging or anything else another. Just themselves often need such information due to the small daily budget, and find a similar difficult, especially up to date information. So share our way:)

How to get to Chichen Itza for free

In this archeological zone validation tickets cost only at the entrance. Foreigner ticket costs about 200 pesos (800-900 rubles in mid-December, 2014). Square kilometre area itself, i.e. not very big. The specificity of places is that after 10:00 Chichen Itza stuffed lots of tourists and guides. As you know, none of them do not need to appear on the eye, leaving the forest. And Wade, we will precisely from the forest!

Our way was as follows:
We arrived around 4 p.m., when the cashier had already been closed and no one was allowed inside. Just released. So we walked around and when there were no cars on the track will slip on one of the many trails in the forest. 5 meters struck a fence made of barbed wire. The path goes through it. In the fence there are huge holes through which isn't worth the labour to climb through.


The forest is not thick, go easy. There are glades. It gets dark about 6:00 pm. Therefore, one hundred meters from the edge of the forest we have set up a tent on a flat clean area.
Don't forget to use repelenty and checked for mites. There's not a lot of mosquitoes and ticks are found. At night you can see the starry sky. You can think and feel as lived here hundreds and thousands of years ago, ancient civilization. Straight in the same forest.
Sometimes we met among the trees stone ruins of a square shape. Apparently, once there were homes.

Entrance to the Chichen Itza open at 8:00 in the morning. In the morning we got up, had breakfast and about 9:00 went further. Literally meters 30 rested against forest a good road. She led us directly to senotu, where there were sacrifices. Here's a very "thin" moment. Not to catch the eyes of employees, numerous cafes and souvenir sellers guides, who already lead groups of tourists.

We heard the familiar Russian speech and pribočenilis′ to the group, listening to how long ago the Mayans threw in this Cenote virgins. Well, then it was 4-5 hours of research and archaeological zone a lot of new and interesting. Penetration was successful.
Only very hot and with backpacks are not very easy to wander. We examined other methods of hitting, but through Cenote us seemed most apt. See diagram above.

How to get free in Uxmal

A similar hit technology. Go through the gate, pass by the CASS and the entrance (you can stand at the cash desks and ask around ticket at emerging tourist destination, it is no longer needed). Tickets cost about 150 pesos. We were on Sunday on a holiday. Free ticket to all Mexicans, but they themselves did not know because There was no announcement. They just return the money, and printed on the ticket 0 pesos. We think this is done to ensure that foreigners were not aware and not resented. Who knows))

In General, we go further down the road, we log and look for a hole in the thickets of the forest. We found this and flew straight into it, because with the two sides on the road driving up machines. Wait:)
Further 30 meters through the thickets and we are on track in the archaeological zone. We went straight to a group of foreign tourists, but they are not like us suspected infiltrators. And off we go straight to the temple fallosov, lost in the jungle.

Uxmal we liked more. There are fewer people in the jungle hidden dilapidated temples. And the history of this place is very interesting. There for sure.


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