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Internet-Edition Faces & Places published an interview with us. We talked to Chief editor Irina Kostarevoj


In Cancun, rain …

It was raining the whole day today. The whole day. From night to night. A real gift for lovers!


Cenotes Of Yucatán

Many know that Mexico is famous for its Yucatan cenotes route. Cenotes is such a "hole" formed in limestone during karsting.


Hideki Sakomizu

Here's a guy from Japan, Hideki Sakomizu. He stayed in the same Hostel in Merida we because somehow in the kitchen, we learned a little


Den and Cheryl

I have a desktop here lies (over two months), photos are waiting for their turn, but we often climb up to it just so happens


Video: 8 series, Australia, part 2

In this series we go further the Hitchhiker's Guide to Australia, sleep over a cliff, meet cloud-parrots, get acquainted with the local flora and fauna,


Video: 8 series, Australia, part 1

The eighth country of our round-the-world trip. In this episode we are introduced to Kangaroo, work on farms, travel by hitchhiking. And yet miss the