Toluca volcano, fish for trout

The first day passed quietly, we were absolutely alone, painting around the scene resembled a movie. But at that time there was no one, no action was taking place, and we have taken this unhurried rhythm. While I lay on the shore of the Lake and watched the clouds, Nikita beheld fish in it:) He was so passionate about that every time the conversation yielded the following:

-Nikiiit, come tea do? -Nikita is rotated, but the question as if flies by, above the clouds, but his mind too as if by passes me.
-Now vooot this time (this shows the hands which) they are interested in the swim, but immediately float away!

And it was not just so. The next day, we had for dinner was trout:) Trout and white mushrooms, which grow in abundance in a wooded part of skklonov.
Toluca surprisingly friendly and mâgkkaâ goroa! We had the equipment, we have (it's just a tent with two year old spal′nikami and alcohol burner from Sprite banks) to visit at an altitude of 4500 meters, enjoy nature, see finally Popocatepetl and descend satisfied down through fields and villages at the foot of the.

By the way, we found that if two summer sleeping bag insert one into the other and hide them as blanket (tentatively embracing), it turns out much warmer! This discovery allows us to spend the night in places even with small minus)) course, with the presence of thermal underwear.

scraps Twine found on shore, hook made from a sewing needle)) bait-oily beetle larva, found under a stone

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