Sounds of Australia

In the very south of Australia, if travel further inland, you can still meet the fifty-year old farm house , sometimes they still live people. On 20-40 km on just one ramshackle house. There are also stonу houses in “Old Australian style”. All these houses are surrounded by striking silence, rare sounds in it become “juicy” and turn into real music. Whether it creaking door, the song of the wind or the ubiquitous buzzing flies, which are a special feature of this area. However, there still live the descendants of the very first European Australians. Then they were brought here instead of prison, and now Australia is one of the most popular countries among immigrants.

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Of course, a lot of visitors from nearby New Zealand. New Zealand “kiwi” fill some areas of cities. Their songs and dances “hack” famous all over the world. But only few people know that this is not only an awesome dance men, but also incredibly beautiful songs of women.

Australia is rich in specific sounds which are not found anywhere else. Even the local variety of magpies (australuan magpie), sings differently. If you hear her song first, it may seem that you like: a broken electronic device or speech space aliens, but not a bird voice.

Cities also keep something interesting. And it’s not the noise of cars or the subway. In big cities, popular sport lifestyle. Even in the lunch not many people go to a cafe, they a run. Bike – also a popular way to travel.
Not difficult to hear in the cities and the sounds of nature. Tree frogs deafening sing in city parks, but they are very difficult to see. And of course, the street musicians. Sometimes they sell discs at a standard price (10 $ au), sometimes amuse tourists passersby, sometimes just enjoy own voice.

Even if you do not climb far into the wilderness, in this country easily turn into birdwatcher. Morning in one place may begin, for example, flying thousands of white parrots who like locusts, eat and break everything in its path – from trees and shrubs to electrical wires and roofs.
Evening elsewhere – is watching the penguins. Output from the ocean to the shore is a very important and dangerous moment in their lives, so the penguins do it after sunset and, certainly, going to the group.
Way from the beach to the house sometimes exceeds 2 km – not enough for a tiny (20-30cm tall) penguin. Travel time can be made with the benefit – for example, to find a mate and sing about love :) And even seemingly ordinary crows here are different from ours. Their voice is everywhere, and every time it brings a smile.

Symbol of Australia – kangaroos, just to hear, but so hard to write. Wild kangaroos difficult to trap in the woods they first become aware of your presence and try to get away – farmers still shoot them to save pasture for sheep. But if it was on the way giant kangaroo, the meeting is happening so fast that barely have time to move. But soft springy sound still remains in the memory.

In addition to kangaroos, there is another well-known marsupial – it is koalas. They look like plush toys, are harmless , trusting and sleep most of the day. Because of their slow-moving lifestyle, which aims to permanently saving energy, it may seem that koalas are always silent. But it is not so :) During the struggle for the female, during courtship and in childhood , these animals are active and produce a lot of sounds. However, this rarely happens, and if you can not follow their life long, then all of these sounds can be heard in some of the museums in the reserves.

Geographic isolation and time created a unique world on this continent, it is full of special smells, landscapes landforms, and, of course, sounds! They have nothing to compare, and it is impossible to confuse with anything.

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