Saundtrip about Bali

In Bali we rested from 4 months of continuous motion. Therefore, records a little. But the juice!
The other two saundtripa you can listen to the links: first, second.

The headphones you can hear quite differently. This binaural recording.

1. The ceremony is the most important part of the life of the Balinese people. They spend on birthdays, building homes, funerals and other days.
2. Preparations for the Balinese new year. Each village is learning its melody, its rhythm
3. Several times a year undergo religious holidays. They pass on some days and in those days not go silent prayer
4. Sound we heard a whole month. Farmers scare birds on the rice field. Helps the weak.
5. The Balinese new year made each settlement do demon statue from papier-mache.

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