Sound travel in Thailand

In Thailand we spent a bit of time, and therefore managed to record sounds a bit. If you want to, you can listen to the recording of Bangkok 2012 year. And now … Pleasant listening!

The headphones you can hear quite differently. This binaural recording.

1. Bells of Buddhist temple at the top of Koh Samui
2. The bells are sounding special thing made from plants
3. In all of Thailand, you can hear this sound. 7-11-store chain minimarkets
4. We have long tried to hear anything from an elephant in Vietnam. And then there's the elephant started trumpeting!
5. It seems that he liked mangoes and bananas that we had with him:)
6. Every night you can hear this sound, maddening! It's crickets.
7. An unexpected discovery in the heart of Bangkok, became free for us Chinese Theatre.
8. Actors in chic suits and heavily zagrimmirovany. But here's their voices …

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