Sounds Of Cambodia

In Cambodia, we were quite a bit initially, even having been surprised the difference with those countries that we have visited. But gradually we learned the local language, people started to open, joking and laughing with us. There is not as awful as it might seem at first glance.
Interesting you sound travels!

Cambodia heard sounds in the headphones quite differently. This binaural recording.

1. When we were at the border, people suddenly froze and started to play the anthem. Whistle all otmerli
2. In one of the temples in the Angkor complex was going religious celebration. There zavyvala woman
3. Vendors and musicians in Angkor
4. Poor children sell for one dollar souvenirs
5. They can harass you hundred meters, repeating sad your goods
6. Handicapped musicians
7. Who do not have hands, feet, and anyone who is completely blind
8. When children do not sell souvenirs, they play, as well as all ordinary children
9. None tuktuker not miss pass you by without telling cherished "tuk-tuk"
10. And if you pass by a cafe you will be to drum up and back, sometimes grabbing hands. We go to girl Nai:)
11. And someone will quietly offer massage.
12. Another crippled musicians
13. Bats in the main temple, Angkor Wat, 6:00 pm, when there are no tourists (except us secret)
14. Monks beg in the street together with the machine, from which a loudspeaker shouts and advance people go out on the street
15. Local simple market selling fish, vegetables, fruits.
16. Angkor. Speech from the same church where she sang in the very beginning of the woman

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