Sounds Of Vietnam

Two weeks we traveled to Vietnam and collecting interesting sounds country. First country we liked. And then, after we have become acquainted with local people, talk to them, eat what they eat and many walk around the towns and villages, the sea … then the country we liked and we're back here again.
Visit and you are in Vietnam. At least listened to saundtrip:) Have a nice trip!

The headphones you can hear quite differently. This binaural recording.

1. Gong in the night
2. It is not clear why and where.
3. The crowd of pioneers
4. Attacked us on the street
5. The seller of the mixer in the supermarket
6. Muine. Women, cleverly vykovyrivaûŝie from shell all the living
7. They delût it very quickly and smoothly
8. Bamboo wind bunches
9. Muine. Evening sea
10. Two elephants, pošarkivaâ feet (you can't call them hoes), passed by
11. Crossroads
12. Children play in Sox
13. Ho Chi Minh City Post Office
14. Buses include here such an endless song. And usually very loud
15. And it's the sound of the funeral. The day we heard it three times in Da Nang

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