Sounds of Laos, saundtrip-sound travel

When we arrived in Laos, we knew nothing about this country. But in two weeks, leaving, realized that will miss untouched nature, protected the edges, waterfalls, kind and responsive people, tasty food. In this recording you will hear the sounds of Laos that surrounded us all this time in the morning, evening, day and night.
Find a spare minute and a quiet place to immerse yourself in a sound journey through Laos. Pleasant listening!

Play best with headphones. This 3D record.

1. The night. Tent. Rain. Ok…
2. The night. Tent. That for Hong in 4:00? In the photo the sound source, which we found after three hours
3. Morning. Tent. The roosters in a village near
4. Morning. Home local. Breakfast at the stake
5. Morning. 60-metre waterfall, where no one is.
6. Noon. And again the Gong!
7. Time for dinner. Woman weeds out the figure. Photo done we don't have time. So show the rice lunch:)
8. Lunch svinûšek
9. Evening. Evening market. Lunch with tourists in Luang Prabang-
10. Time for something sweet. Iceman goes on a moped!
11. Evening market. Poor busker
12. Evening. It's time to return to Buffalo in a stall

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