Sounds of Kunming. Fourth Chinese saundtrip

When we arrived in Kunming, it seemed to us that we will have a rest from the sounds that just become relaxed for a couple of days on the road. But no such luck!
Going into Central Park at the Green Lake (Green Lake Park) we heard these sounds Kunming: songs of ordinary people. The townspeople come to the Park to feed the huge number of seagulls white bread (no would feed tourists!), play musical instruments, Chi-Gung and dancing and, of course, sing. We present you a short excursus in Chinese musical repertoire.

The headphones you can hear quite differently. This binaural recording.

1. Supports music ensemble
2. Wolf of Nu, pogodi!
3. Drummer
4. Soloist-violinist and bandleader
5. The duo of two women
6. Soloist: opera singer
7. Seagulls
8. Young guy sings about love
9. Great Patriotic chorus

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