Sounds of Lijiang (China)

In the town of Lijiang we were able to record a lot of interesting sounds. One of them in the competition nobody guessed. And it was garbagecar:)


Chinese students to turn and sprint across the road running to the playground.
Ride through the city garbage music.
And sometimes through the ancient streets of the procession pack animals. Each horse or mule neck hangs own bell.
In the local market we drew interesting device. It imposes red hot peppers and it turns into crushed red hot pepper.
At the local market in addition to selling food and various utensils. In particular, we found a shop where they sell the singing bowls, bells, bells and more.
One of the popular places – Tiger Leaping Gorge. There bubbling streams cross the rocky cliffs and steep rocks, creating a unique sound.
As in all of China, in Lidzyane widespread electrical machinery, electric bicycles and electric scooters. They go quietly, sometimes creating a feeling that you are in a movie about the future.
Jewelers create silver jewelry and dishes right in the shop on the street.
Seller – birds whistles masterfully plays on their ” instruments.” We could not resist and bought one such bird.
One of the regular sounds of the streets Lidzyanya – music stores where sellers drummers drumming who on that much.
Caught in the central square of the old town, we saw the local “flashmob”. Elegant grandmother stood in a group and started dancing. It was so unexpected and beautiful, the sound was immediately recorded and photographed babuschki memory.
Ordinary street sounds: music around, banging wheels bags tourists bells in store
Huashan and bells

Best sound in headphones. This is binaural recording.

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