Sounds of Irkutsk

If you’ve been to Irkutsk for the first time, then you definitely need to do a few things. First – take a ride on the tram on the bridge. You deaf ears!
Once crossed the bridge, go past the Holy Trinity Church. Ring the bell.
Go back to the left bank of the Angara River and visit the famous nerpinary. Lusk seals and Winnie the Pooh sing a song for us, “Glorious sea, sacred Baikal”.
Suddenly, the sky appears the fighter! Do not be alarmed. It is scheduled daily flight test pilots at the Irkutsk aircraft plant.
Visit Irkutsk and do not visit Lake Baikal? Nooo, it’s not about us. For a few days we left the noise of the city and were at one with nature. And you can listen to the lapping of the waves for a long time …
But time again to return to the city. We get out at the station and listen attentively to opening and closing the main entrance doors.
In the city center is the market. Beside him is “shanhayka” – a place where countless plazas work, mostly Chinese.
The most common public transportation are buses PAZ plant. In some areas of the city goes only such transport. The price of travel 12 rubles. The price includes: comfortable seats, smooth ride on the road and lyrical music. Its joke.
Many people, when asked about the characteristic sounds of Irkutsk, was advised to record the train. Rail transport has played a major role in the development of the city.

These are the sounds of Irkutsk wу was record.
We’ll miss you, Irkutsk, friends, relatives, friends and beloved Lake Baikal!

This is a binaural recording. The best feeling you get in the headphones.

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