Sounds of China: Xian

We arrived in Xi’an (Xian) in the early morning train from Harbin. The train was economy class, and we went two nights half-sitting, half-lying.
Therefore Xi’an seemed to us a good place immediately. There, people are engaged in their own business, is constantly busy with something. For example, like this group of men at the beginning of the recording: they play the game of widespread in China on the street. Play actively, with passion! More precisely discuss moves two players sitting opposite each other.
Comes a new hour, and begins to play music in all the streets of the city.
Suddenly we hear claps and go to the sound. It turns out that this is another fun Chinese men : a hefty whip untwist top. This action can take a long time. And we move on.
Need to buy tickets for the next train, we stand in the checkout line of the railway station. Shout cashiers microphones, screaming passengers and future potential.
Xi’an feature this year : sitting or standing on the street sellers of toys. They sell funny glasses and mustache unwinds whistle ratchet. Interestingly, the sellers themselves while usually sad. Sometimes there are more sellers and wood frogs of different sizes.
We go into the underpass to go down into the subway. In Xi’an only two metro line. People in it surprisingly little.
If you have arrived in Xi’an, be sure to visit Mount Huashan – local celebrity. On the campaign against Huashan we wrote in the previous article. Not far from the banks under the railway bridge after a Buddhist temple sits busker. If he does not see you, then plays a beautiful Chinese melody. But seem worth the eye, like a melody suddenly changes…
In the Xi’an worth a stroll through the park. In it you will find exercising elderly, or singing, or playing badminton, in general, living an active life! And here, too, the youth can be met.
At the entrance to the subway one day we met a dumb musician. He played on the traditional Chinese instrument se or the like.
Another famous place in Xi’an – is singing fountain. He just sheer size and consists of a ladder on which a jet of water escape.
In parks townspeople walking their pet birds.
And one night we spent the night in a hostel in a room where there is some bunk beds. At first we were alone, but by night the people increased. And night concert began. Anastasia fell asleep at once, because much wanted to sleep, and I just helped earplugs paper.
In Xi’an there is another fountain. Water jets hit directly from the street.
On the second day of the hike up the mountain Huashan strong wind. It is the end of the sound travels.
We hope you liked Xian!

Headphones hear quite differently. This binaural recording.

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