How to call Russia free

A few months ago, we learned how to call to Russia from abroad for free. And already actively all the time take this opportunity to communicate with their loved ones. In this post we'll show you how you can make free calls every day.

A new method. Works for all

This method allows you to use the 30 free minutes for calls to any of the 35 countries of the world. Next, you can use up to 400 free minutes within two months (if you have to recharge your balance at 9.5 $-but this amount a fireproof if conversations will be less than 400 minutes).

1. Register on the site

2. To call directly from the site or download one of the programs for your device using: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. How to configure you will find here:

And then you can use the free minutes!

Another method. Works for all

There is such service calls online-there is one minute per day free of charge. And after 1-3 calls USD per minute.

The old method. Does not work at all

Under the free calls within Russia we mean

-no more than 5 calls to the same number per day,
-no more than 20 minutes of calls per day.

Agree, this is quite enough to communicate with family and friends when you are abroad or even in Russia itself, but thousands of miles away from each other.

Instructions on how to call Russia free
1. Register on the site that provides this service. You need to enter your mobile phone number and email. The phone will receive a confirmation code, which you will need to enter the site. After registration you will be given a room INUM

2. Select the device from which you will be able to make calls from any phone (iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry), (c) any computer (Windows, Linux, Mac), with any IP phone, VOIP gateway or IP-PBX. And download the application from the site. We use tablet on Android and the annex thereto CSipSimple. Downloaded from the same site.

You can download the program for Windows or Linux or use iPhone-fits any program.

3. Enter in the installed application or program INUM number and password. Call!  Free calls to dial a prefix before the number 0000. For example 0079XXXXXXX

After a small advertising Aunty asks to press two digits. After this comes the call to Subscriber itself.

Opportunity calls in Russia for free we use for several months. Best communications are watching with Irkutsk city numbers and BVK. Also called in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Severobaikalsk, Sochi, Angarsk. The call runs on almost any Russian room. We already have more than one hour, thanks to those who allowed this to be:)

Because calls go through IP-telephony, those whom you call to say that the relationship is bad, you call though from the barrel. But you can talk and hear both subscribers.

Mental you conversations with family and friends!

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