How to find and buy cheap airline tickets

To purchase tickets we most often use two systems: and In addition we receive mailing companies-loukostov. They periodically send out emails with notification of sales.

To buy cheap airline tickets, use the search:

For example, using this search engine, we found tickets for 4500 rubles from Irkutsk to Harbin. And quite often possible to meet last minute tickets from Moscow to Bangkok around 10000 rubles, and sometimes even cheaper. So, for example, Nikita departs for 7500 rubles from Irkutsk in Bangkok in the year 2012. And our friend Darin bought for $ 700 tickets to Bali round trip from Moscow on January 2014 onwards. And in 2015 year found tickets from Panama to Colombia for $ 125.

It is convenient to use the subscription to the desired direction and then receive email notification about lowering prices. Another great feature is the ability to display on map for flights from the desired city to all possible parties with an indication of the price. It is useful if you do not already know where you want to fly.

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