How to Support Us

You can help us in many creative ways. Financial assistance is just one way. You can choose what you want. Anyone can take part in promoting the world tour!

Volunteer support

1) PayPal, VISA, Mastercard
If you like what we do, support us (please select Rubles, no USD):

Funds are needed for creation of film about our planet and the organization of interactive audio-photo-exhibition, in particular.

2) Tell your friends and acquaintances about our journey through speech or repost in social networks (facebook, twitter etc). If a lot of people understand that traveling can be almost anyone, then the planet will be better!

3) Tell us about interesting sounds, which are typical for a place on our planet. Maybe this sounds around you. Or you read about them in a magazine or see in movies. We are wondering!

4) Take a visit us at your home. Show city. Go with us on a walk. Maybe you are in We also is there! Or you can write to us at mail.

5) If you know of any selling tickets on our route, please tell us about it. We are looking for all the deals. Especially on a flight across the Pacific Ocean.

6) Wish us luck, or write inspiring review. We will be very pleased.

Financial assistance

1) Become a sponsor worldwide travel or partner. We have different offers to different companies. Check out our suggestions.

2) Order the author’s postcard from any country in which we are or who will be on our route. Every tenth card free! If you send us a postcard home, we also send you a postcard. Lets organize postcrossing!

3) You can suggest your own version. We are open to cooperation!

Support sub-projects:

Organization of the exhibition «Sound Around»
After returning from a trip we will present the sounds and images of the world in a new exhibition format. We invite to cooperate exhibition halls and venues that will be happy to put our work.

For the organization of the exhibition, we are looking for sponsors and general sponsor. We will also be grateful for any help in establishing contacts with interested parties in the cooperation.

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