Sounds of Bolivia

4 weeks before Santa's Semana – Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) – in Bolivia in all villages and cities you can meet noisy processions, carnivals, festivities and festivities, including at night. We wake up from the sounds outside the doors of the house and hear the crowd approaching and then moving away.


Sounds Of Ecuador

Sounded the siren in the small town of Baños De Agua Santa, informing about the danger of eruption of Tungurahua. The warning is posted in


Sounds of Colombia, part 2

Wake up in the cool of the mountains surrounded by Colombian nature and birdsong. A little later, collect the tent and go to the Finn,


Sounds Of Panama

We in Panama City! All parts of the city are preparing to celebrate independence from Colombia and Spain.


Nicaragua Sounds

We are located in the city of León, Spain. Sounds a siren. It is difficult to understand what she calls out, but it sounds almost


Sounds Of Costa Rica

We are located in the heart of the tropical country, Costa Rica. Somewhere in the distance a frightening scream monkeys-howler monkey, it is not scary


The Sounds Of El Salvador

We sit down in a regular intercity bus, the local "čikenbas", in which seat two people sit down to three, where traders go stops chips,


Sounds of Mexico, part 4

Early morning in Rio Lagartos-little fishing village on the North of the Yucatán peninsula. At dawn in the Bay moored. Someone comes back with night


Sounds of Mexico, part 3

We in Chiapas. Officially, there is Roman Catholicism. Catholic Easter celebration begins in people filled cathedrals and churches under the choir voices, guitars and other


Sounds Of Mexico. Part 2

Immersed in the twilight of colonial arches of one of the churches, resting from the hot sun, suddenly seeing the start of the regular service,


Sounds Of Mexico. Part 1

Mexico is one of the richest countries in Latin America. That is why South and Central Americas here moves a constant stream of wanting to