Gocta cataracts. This name is suitable to the third waterfall height in the world could not be luchshhe. The waterfall consists of two stages, the first top-short and powerful, brings down tons of water with an incredible roar, like the first syllable of the name. Second-bottom-high and transparent, as the veil of the bride and soft as the ending.

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Goktu can be seen even from the cliffs opposite the banks of the river Utcubamba Province-waterfall really is huge, and the whole provinicija Amazonas is proud of them. The fact that it consists of two stages, prevrshhaet walk to it in the present day trekking, length of about 10 km and a height difference of 1.5 kilometers. In fact-this hike from one village to another, two cascade waterfall. The direction of this hike-up or down-depends on personal preferences ongoing. But whatever the village as a starting point-upper or lower San Pablo Kokachimba-not chosen would be going, you need to start early in the morning. The trail is especially pleasant, when you can feel a oneness with the world around you-no other tourists. Wet stones and Earth underfoot, suspended bridges over the turbulent River and the Emerald forest. The waterfall was known at the time of the Incas, but because sometimes you can meet plots Inca Trail connecting the two cascades. And here's the height and third world waterfall status identified more recently, some a few years ago.

Sunny weather-it's not required, plus on this trail. Of course, when the weather is sunny not so slippery, not so humid and boots could remain dry until a meeting with a waterfall, but rain is not a reason to be upset. Rain in these parts is able to donate more. During trekking, almost continuously heard the rumble and noise Gokty, but himself falls from the clouds opens at the most unexpected moments. You inadvertently stop, stopping each time among the moving clouds shows he … Majestic and powerful. At such moments, you can feel like a pioneer, can be enough to dream that nobody saw this stunning beauty but you.

Rain-frequent phenomenon-"include" smaller waterfalls in the Gorge of the river. Everything happens quickly, literally before our eyes. The greenery of the mountain ranges here and there start to "appear" smaller waterfalls. Where you held back on track to bridge rivers dry, already seething white water. Among the soaring clouds, it begins to seem that the forest, mountains slightly soar. All this seems like magic Pandora. Water everywhere, and the closer you get to the waterfall, so more of her in the air. Approach to upper cascade is almost impossible in the wet season-flow wind, mixed with water, literally knocked down. At the foot of the first cascade should be extremely careful. This natural attraction, fortunately, has not yet become a civilized tourist attraction. There are no guards, which in time will stop the gaper or handrails that are capable of not only spoil the appearance, but also limit the dangerous edge. Unfortunately, less than six months ago, the Gokte fell and died, a tourist from South Korea. In such a raging elements difficult to survive, so it is better to be careful in advance.

Gocta cataracts-this amazing miracle of our small and such a beautiful planet green.

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Majestic culture Chachapojja (which literally meant the cloud people) that existed in Northern Peru before the Incas studied by only 5-10 percent. Many traces they left in the mountains and the Amazon jungle. These traces of the drop by drop shed light on the amazing life of another continent. The largest track is the ancient city of Kuelap.

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For many years because of its inaccessibility Kuelap remained in oblivion. For a long time he was considered a military fort, and only in recent years, research was drawn by his true destiny.

City of Kuelap was primarily religious, commercial and cultural center. That this place was esteemed and other neighbouring cultures, say numerous finds of pottery, supplies and signs of nobility (the sink of the coast and the Amazon jungle bird feathers) variety of doinskih crops, but most importantly the tombstone according to the customs of chachapoja "foreigners". An attack is respected, appreciated their religion and from different provinces and cultures brought particularly venerated deceased to those were buried with honors of the cloud people.

The town is located at an altitude of 3000 m, among forests and cloud clouds themselves. Ordinary people did not live in it, but at any moment could hide from danger. The design was meant to serve as a reliable protection. Kuelap is the three terraces, the lower-base-oriented from North to South and is like a huge ship. The walls of the lower tier sometimes exceed 20 metres, and only two entrances lead inside, narrow enough so that the passage was carried out one by one. Kuelap was so brilliant and drainage water collection system that only now through 2 thousand years, when it was blocked and partially lost, the city began to incorporate rainwater and disintegrate.

In times of prosperity, cloud-based Citadel, a resident of her could only know the spiritual and cultural. Residential part of strengthening placed about four hundred small houses with conical roofs and zigzag friezes on the walls. Each repeats the same device-a place for fire and koridorchiki-shelter for Guinea pigs (kuev), which served as the main holiday meal. At the top level of the cities were ceremonial buildings and complexes.

Today we cannot learn much-what structures prevailed in the city, looked like his daily life and what it was. In fact, so far unknown reason on which the town was abandoned in the sixteenth century. On the tragic scene of the last day, when the city were killed by men from boys to old men, and then, the city was burned, archaeologists scratching their heads today. But walking through the terraces with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, among the small houses, distance between which sometimes does not exceed half a meter, it is impossible not to be surprised by the magnitude and some comfort enjoyed by city. And the road to it becomes a real adventure. Although, this adventure you will soon pass-gondola construction project almost completed the road, the difference of height of 900 meters.

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The final series for Ecuador.

In this series we share recipe fried salty banana, walk on Cuenca, visit the port town of Machala, go hiking in the National Park of El Cajas, visit the National Park of petrified trees in the Bosque Petrificado.

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If you find yourself in the point of intersection of the Panama Canal and the Pan-American Highway, then it will be Panama City is the capital of the country. Panama. For tautology can be put on Panama, although it does not come from here.


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It is here that geographically ends North America and South America begins. Two continent-are not just in one country, and in the same city.

Of course, physically, this is not felt. If you drive the entire Central America by land from the North to the South, Panama you almost cease to feel the boundaries that divide the State. All this is more like one country with a little bit of different villages, drawing on coins and prices.


Panama country different from other historical presence of the United States. It's good to visibly even now. Especially, in Panama, the capital. Business Center entirely consists of high-rise buildings, which from afar-when viewed from the pedestrian Malikona, make this area like a piece of Hong Kong, brought and abandoned here somehow a tropical storm. But if you look closer, feeling the presence of Asia is superseded by the American spirit. Business centers look very slightly obsolete decorations movie. Here is the core of the famous Panamanian cosmopolitan flair-many nationalities, faiths, coexist with Catholicism and centroamerikanskim village, Indian persons, and of course, the concentration of Europeans and Americans is very great.


Nevertheless, the spirit of Latin America felt in the capital. First and foremost, responsible for it historical center-Casco Viejo. In fact, it was built more than a hundred years after the founding of the city. And was not only the administrative center, but also a transit point for traders and dealers, and at times even pirates. Currently, this mix of expensive cafes and household ruins, flavored with cathedrals and some well-preserved intricate brickwork.


And yet, despite the abundance of interesting places, Panama attracts tourists and wanderers primarily famous channel. Opportunity to look at the huge freighters and liners, which protiskivajutsja in the narrow passage between the two continents. That is, it is the rare place where ships are found circulating in all oceans, and all this can be seen with your own eyes. However, in contrast to the Suez Canal, where everything is open for any suffering, a canal in Panama, not easy accessible. Official viewing point to visit must be paid for.

Many travellers love this sun burnt and washed lingering tropical rains metropolis. But in our hearts he left almost no trace. Perhaps because of all the attention attracted by the Earth on the other side of the channel. Huge new continent on our way. Panama City was the US way because here we first were able to say: "Hi, South America!".

A short video about our trip in Panama

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The two most popular questions that people ask us: 1) what language you are dealing with a local; 2) as you earn per journey. If the box to connect two of these questions, then I'll reveal to you a way how to learn a foreign language and when that accumulate on a journey through travelers.

To do this, you must have the following:
1. Desire to learn new things.
2. Free housing.

Instruction "how to teach a foreign language and earn"

Method is suitable for anyone who has the desire to travel or to travelers because they are sources of both money and foreign language.

1. Sign up in the international system of Airbnb (bonus link)

This is the site of the deposit and rent worldwide. You can find rental options in almost any city in the world. As in conventional apartments and houses and yachts, houses in trees, underground bunkers and any option that you can imagine. We constantly use this option especially in expensive countries (e.g., Chile), when proposals on airbnb is often cheaper than any hostels and hotels, and much more comfort and convenience (+ hair dryer, living room + kitchen + dinning Internet + other bonuses).

Greeting on Airbnb

2. Add your accommodation to the system

After registering, click on "become a master" and tell us about your accommodation. This can be a room, a whole apartment or vacation home. Need a little description in English (use if necessary, free translator translate.google.com) and some photos, which can be done on a regular phone. Only priberites' housing to look attractive.
Can see in advance using the search on the site in your city, other hosts (hosts): what are their prices, which describe what reviewers.

When drafting the description note in the list that you have: iron, possibility to cook in the kitchen, free parking, hangers, etc. All this must be true and serve as "bait" for potential tenants;-)


In the description can specify that learning a foreign language (English, Spanish, Chinese or whatever) and can arrange the Exchange, if the client wishes. You give him practice Russian, and he/she will help you with a foreign language.
Typically, travelers arriving in another country, trying to understand the local culture, and local language much improves the chances "to join". And a traveler interested in language learning.
For example, we're talking first Chairman (from Australia and the United States), and later in Spanish (Latin America).

3. Rules for adoption of a guest

We as guests have already compiled a list of nice things that make someone stay home more comfortable, and after and mutual feedback.

  • don't forget about the minutia type: toilet paper, detergent for dishes, clean towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
    The traveler is not taking with a brush for toilet, and buying every time for a new home. Such things make the environment cozier, and the mood better.
  • check in advance the rules and the time of entry.

    Need it to guest not stood by the door a couple of hours until you return from work. Do visitors might not be possible to call upon arrival or go on the Internet.

  • and, by the way, about the Internet. It must be in the House, it's the same necessary thing, like water in a bathtub or a sheet on a bed. It must be stable and at least slow.
  • If a man is going to come for a week or more, do not hesitate to make discounts and special offers. So the visitor will understand that your offer is more profitable competitor and adds loyalty.
  • be friendly and hospitable. Very nice, when you come to a stranger, and there you take as an old friend, ask if everything is in order and do not need any assistance, whether you want to tell about interesting places, etc.

Our cozy cottage on 7 days for $45 in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

4. About payment

The important issue is money: how to receive them? In the system of Airbnb is easy. After the guest has decided to stay with you, he confirms the booking. If this means his bank card are transferred to the account of Airbnb. And then, when the guest enters to you, Airbnb transferred the funds to you for all time of their stay guests online. This is done to protect both sides. Commission system (approximately 10-15%) paying guest.

If the guest enjoyed it and he decided to stay longer you have paid through the period you can take cash or request payment via Airbnb again as arrange. Usually, all agree in cash.

Our nest under the roof for $160 per month in Kuenke, Ecuador

It's the same look to another part of the room

5. About language

Feel free to make mistakes. The most important thing is to overcome the "language barrier" when it seems that you do not understand, so silent as a fish.
If you do not keep silent, trying to make myself understood, on the other hand will help to express the idea. And if ask to fix it correctly, then the matter will go even better.

Get a tour of the House to guest knew where that is (kitchen appliances, washing machine, etc.), as the door is locked, how do I turn on hot and cold water. Can make the crib on a piece or glue tips directly on all subjects that are telling. This can quickly memorize new words and make this game. Also tips can be done in two languages (a Russian-transcription, to est ' vot tak) to guest, too, knew that you can speak your native language.

You can also eat popcorn and watch Russian movies with foreign subtitles or foreign movies in original language with Russian subtitles. Unless, of course, about this agree:-) Or have a stroll through the city together. The way some owners then earn so, driving the paid private tours of their city.

Important notes

1. Until the guest has not paid for the reservation, in personal correspondence, you won't be able to write each other type of phone contacts, links to social networks or e-mail. Airbnb system will hide this information. You can try writing different tricks, type 1 dva three 4 five, but then the adoption of the guest will be under your responsibility, and if anything, the system will not guarantee a refund because they do not pass through them.
2. Feedback is a good thing, because they often pay attention to potential tenants to make a first impression on housing and on the host. Once the guest leaves, you can be the first to write a review about it that leads to the answer and write a review for you. When the two sides will write to withdraw, you will see that she wrote the other side.
3. If you do not have their own homes, but are you interested in traveling to airbnb, you too can sign up via our link and get this discount on first trip as 1300 rubles.

Travel and do not be afraid of foreign languages, friends!