Huascaran National Park, Peru

World natural heritage-this status was gifted the Huascaran National Park UNESCO International Programme back in 1985. Almost 15 per cent of the area of the

El Cajas, Ecuador

The story of this national park you can dedicate to all those who love the water. Water is everywhere here.

The Island Of Oahu, Hawaii

On the island of Oahu (Hawaii) we were almost by accident. The flight was the cheapest (Melbourne-Honolulu), but because long, with the change of time

Melbourne, Australia

Australia-country-continent, remote and isolated. What do we know about it? In this isolation has certain pluses.

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Marvelous expanse at Emu point. Only in South Australia we have learned of the existence of the Southern Ocean! had to update a database in škole?
Many islands can be seen from the South-western coast. Here, near the small town of Albany still caught bathers:) mainly children and their sobaki? we have no desire to dig under a swimsuit. But here's a snack on Emu Point, poskripet′ heels in the sand and just, zažmurivšis′, enjoy the sunshine, it was terribly nice! #memories #Australia #soundaroundmeaustralia #aroundtheworld #nomad #nomadiclife

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Lead horses and donkeys, all loaded than you could from firewood to fruit necklaces (and with them the cows, calves and sheep). On the border with the neighbouring village of meet the residents out, and already all together utancovyvaem to them with all the gifts, and there after speeches and wishes to eat together, and again, of course, dance:)) So celebrate the holiday Uèče #ElHueche #lovePeru #SouthAmerica #Peru:)

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And yet, news from the column "whew!":))) A year ago (straight here exactly one year ago) we met in Costa Rica in the hot humid coast with Sonia and Andrey-/kite surfers from Kaliningrad:) and that you still think?! We at the AI these winged surfers from the Peruvian Ocean in its cold mountain village:))) here is luck:))) cool:)) as well, that you are here, guys! @sobachka_sonia
But Sony, BTW, cool photos of their incredible ways:) enjoy:))
#nomads #love #Peru #aroundtheworldmonents

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Another of the findings today-the amazing beauty of Wild Orchid! Until we met here, yellow and lilac, this-pkrvaâ red. #orchid #SouthAmerica #Peru

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Without departing from themes of two speed čakany:) Found today (first), the beautiful pictures on skal′nike, and (secondly) among them figure the banner with the same čakanoj! And it's very good!:) #chacana #petroglyphs #precolumbian #precolumbianculture #lovePeru #Peru #SouthAmerica

And here you can submit (submit only:))) that this image depicts a burial ceremony. Well, it can be assumed that the right is dead, prepared for burial in the sarcophagus (fixed ropes in a Fetal position-with bent arms and legs tightly appressed to the body), while the left-priest (shaman), able to hold the ceremony and send a man to the other world. Čačapojâ believed in the immortality of the soul. Well, these pictures we have seen in the ceremonial center of culture Časapojâ-as usual, on narrow shelves high skalník. #chachapoya #Peru #lovePeru #petroglyphs #precolumbian #precolumbianculture #SouthAmerica

And here you can submit (submit only:))) that this image depicts a burial ceremony. Well, it can be assumed that the right is dead, prepared

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A rare two-step chacana. Age of which a little more than 1000 years. In the literature met on the strength of three descriptions of such CHAKAN, two of them in Bolivia. And here, it turns out there's a fourth (descriptions of which are still there), which is still not really reached the hands of scientists. And if the other two (three or four-speed) more or less transcribed, this still remains a mystery. BTW, very interesting Inca-trnhstupenčatoj čakany values-it they encrypted their main principles of creation of the world, the notion of time, life, death and the three basic rules of each Member of the Empire "don't lie, don't voruj, don't be lazy", one that character you can assess whether they were wise and precious in their ideas. The small size of the observer, but we find it especially cherish #chacana #precolumbian #SouthAmerica:) #Peru #lovePeru # vokrugsveta