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Five thousand miles separated us. We walked towards each other for a long interesting roads. Sometimes the distance between us was quite small, sometimes we were in the same places at intervals of two to three months. Met and parted with very different people, and they even drove us to each other.

But then something changed … Increasingly, we were close. Thousands of miles at times reduced to a couple of meters of one kitchen. We continued to meet, reducing the distance and time.

“… we did not know each other before this summer, we hung out around the world in the land and in the water …”

words fromone russian song

And at the beginning of the hot summer of 2012, we met in a hot Crimea. Since then, and did not part … It was a bright and happy year together, the result of which was our marriage. But it was not only the result of a happy year, but also the beginning of the New Way, which starts now.

Nikita [writes Nastia] – the Captain on the earth and on the “ship”. Being an independent artist, he easily takes a variety of things (from programming to building :)), and his composure and responsible approach can bring them to the end of quality. Nikita started traveling at the institute, he likes to free-ride, surfing, paragliding and all new.

Nastya [writes Nikita] – a creative person. Her abilities manifest in everything from cooking to thinking out of style and color scheme of the room. She loves all living things. She was not even afraid of cockroaches. You can often find her cuddling with dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Loves to travel and see the beauty in everything around.

Together we love music, art, study, learn, explore, create a lot.

And now we have our common dream – the dream of traveling around the world, and we are ready to take it!

Nikita and Nastya

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello friends I hope you remember me, I’m Edgar de Colombia. I will take you in my car from the city of Medellin to the city of Manizales. On December 30, 2015, remember ?. I hope you are well you two. God bless you, I would like to know of you, I am now in United Arab Emirates.
    I send you a hug and I hope that Nikita does not vomit more on car trips jajajajajjajaja

    1. Hi Edgar! :-) Sure we remember you :) and vomit of me ))) it was funny.
      We send you big hugs from the border Peru-Bolivia!

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