About SoundTrips

hardwareaudio2.jpg (400-319)The Soundtrips – is a sound-journeys. Previously, travelers described their travels in the travel diaries. The maximum that they could do more – is to draw a picture. Then there was the photograph was invented and made it easier for travelers to keep interesting moments. Then came the cinema, and video cameras have become available to everyone. Sounds also still undeservedly remained in the shadows.

We decided to change things and to discover the true creative new world travelers. Sounds allow imagination take you to the place where it was created Soundtrips.

We use a professional recorder Zoom and highly sensitive microphones that allow you to make binaural recording. Man is much more immersed in the sound, listening to these records, than if he had listened to the usual mono or stereo recording.

When you listen to binaural recording (and need to listen to with headphones), you can feel the space is full: front, back, left, right, top, bottom. You can begin to move the hair on the head or an interesting experience.

Try to close your eyes, put on the headphones and turn on the player. Ideally, if you are in a quiet place:


It is a few seconds of Morocco. It was possible to experience something new? We assure that if you heard these recordings through the usual speakers, no effect would be.

Scientists report that a child is in the womb hears everything that happens around. He does not see the pictures. The first thing he does after birth and slap on the pope – he cries. Only years later, we realize that we have not done enough in the travel pictures for completeness. What we need something else. Something long forgotten from the childhood.
We suggest you pay attention to the world of sounds through our trip around the world.

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