Sounds of Bolivia

Don't forget to wear headphones. It's a binaural record. It is better to listen with your eyes closed in the dark.

4 weeks before Santa's Semana – Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) – in Bolivia in all villages and cities you can meet noisy processions, carnivals, festivities and festivities, including at night. We wake up from the sounds outside the doors of the house and hear the crowd approaching and then moving away. 

It's morning. On the outskirts of the village of Sakaka gather almost all the residents and we including. The wait has been going on for a long time, someone is screaming displeased. It rains, and the road turned into a clay mash. And then the local orchestra wakes up, and in the distance on the road to the village there was a strange procession: 5 huge dolls from papier-mache, Tintins, accompanied by dressed and drunken feasts, depicting spirits. They alert the crowd about the approach of the procession, and with their arrival begins a real madhouse with thundering music and dances. And now, the Tintins come up, they dance funny, slinking frozen smiles, bowing and doing three circles around the unfinished chapel, the wall of which picks up the rustic know. 

At this time, between other villages there is a modest men's procession, playing an uncomplicated motif on large wooden wind instruments. 

Back to Sakaka. There have already presented gifts to Tintins and all the noisy crowd, decorated with confetti and wreaths of live flowers, moving towards the central square, where there will be a ceremony of burning the old year. 

And then we invite you to reveal your imagination and imagine: a mass strike in Santa Cruz, charango and a guitar with a mom's breeder, behind which the tail goes young and repeats what sings mom's on the quechua, then in Spanish, beautiful clouds of unknown birds over the salt marsh Of Uyuni and a few more stories. 

Listen, immerse yourself, enjoy the sound journey. 

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