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We are often asked about our gear. A lot of it makes no sense to tell it some what))) but the bottle is an important part of it and they truly deserve attention and generous advertising:) This is not a sponsorship and a sincere desire to share the experience of using a proven thing. You can tell this post on love:) It will be about #nalgene bottles ?

All information about the company can be found on the official website, there's also the history of the emergence and their course. If short-course they coincide with our-reduce the amount of plastic waste, as well as to exclude from use of plastic with toxic and harmful components. #Nalgene bottles are made of plastic, 7 categories, to date, this is the most secure, durable and recyclable plastic type. Safer only glass, but the advantage before the glass is clear-these bottles are light, very comfortable (we use exactly this model cowl-it's simple and perfect) and not so fragile.
Our first bottle became present in California National Park with the most tall trees on the planet. A new bottle just lying on trope? for the whole trip, we have not met people honestly wore it while waiting for a meeting with the owner. But in the end, and didn't find it. With the advent of the first bottle, it became apparent that this is the most convenient and practical way to keep water handy. Refill the bottle is always more pleasant and less expensive than buying disposable bisfenolom bottles. It turned out that drinking water is not at all difficult. In an extreme case we for mash we boil it before you fill the bottles, in field conditions, when boiling is impossible, but the water source is not credible, adding drops of water disinfection (in each country have similar means different names, so our does not speak about). Today, thanks to the Internet you can buy #nalgene bottle anywhere in the world, where the mail. In Russia there are many online shops that deliver to the point of issuing or home by courier. The price of such bottles ranges from 7-20 dollars. There is a large range of models, but seems to be the most brilliant-cowl and cover at lishe???

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