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Without any secrets to say that the quickest way to show people are visiting on a holiday. Especially on a holiday in the capital region! The fact that the region is small (and its capital is essentially a big village) reduces a wide celebration until almost "home" format:) the magnitude is present, but human participation in it is completely "svojskoe". Awesome that most participants did not use props, and arrives at a parade to the fact that there is only on-job than every day. But just as on a par with villages in the parade involved all sorts of artistic schools:) they bring something long forgotten and familiar-funny props (costumes, costumes of ancient inhabitants fish with cardboard shields, etc.) raised dancing, nervničaûŝie rukovoditeli? if anyone danced at school "ciganočku", "âblon′ku", etc., will understand! #Peru #Chachapoyas #SouthAmerica #colors

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