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And so, in the end, we were almost at the border of Peru, on the border of two States. Yes-Yes! It's all one country! :) Here protected wild forest covers an amazing miracle! Treasury of fossils. Anemones, arthropods, the bones of dinosaurs and the most interesting part of the trees-it can all be found here in the form of stone. The action is the same as in Arizona. Located 200 million years ago, the volcano periodically peresypal ash all organics. Rivers changed their channel, seawater came and went, silicates mixed with sedimentary rocks and mud and konservirlvali each organic cell. Then took place over this Millennium, sheltering all new layers of soil, forests. Under pressure from the trees and animals have evolved into minerals, while retaining its structure. Now the time has come when the huge stones as trunks, the remains of marine and terrestrial animals soil "pushes" outwards. And we were the lucky ones, a century which fell this process:) #Ecuador

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