How to make the journey

We decided to tell more than 25 ways to make traveling on our own experiences and the experiences of friends and acquaintances. Article will be supplemented as we discover new methods of earning on the way.

This post is a small part of the article, in which we describe methods of saving costs and volumes, earnings per round trip.

As post

Almost every week we more and more people ask about this format: "where did you get the money? Renting an apartment or rich parents? How to make the trip? Sorry for the indiscreet question. "

We will tell you about the ways that we have to try and apply in life for a round-the-world trip, which lasts from September 2013 year. And in the end will tell you about the ways that people use whom we met. About anything imaginary and unknown to us in reality will not go it. So,
let's get started! :)

How to make the journey. As the same without Palm

Our ways to earn travel


From the beginning, we had several partners who have written custom article. Some partners left, others came. Payment ranged from 600 rubles to $ 25 per article with photos or $ 10 for the copyright of articles on our website. Some are engaged in cooperation, and to this day. Requires good photographs and informative articles. Usually articles deals with Nastia.

Programming, administration, SEO

Source of work for Nikita are regular customers or clients coming on the recommendations. It happens that tell friends, friends of friends, Word of mouth and works. Biržamy works, Mikita did not enjoy. Work week brings an average of 100-150 $ US per month can be up to $ 500. Time to time, the amount of money depends on the "success" of the project, as well as of the time. Also have their own projects that generate revenue.

Exchange links. Advertising on websites

Passive income, almost does not require time — now about 15-30 $ US per month.

Photo shoot, romantic story

Nastya makes private photo session. Brings good profits, but because of our trudnoulovimosti is not often. Photo shoot with different conditions from 100 $ US (here it is necessary to take into account that for photographing himself followed by days and weeks of a post-processing step).

Illustration, design

Clients come to Nastya recommendations. The cost depends on the project. Significant negative — to work must be appropriate space: tables, the ability to "degrade" with a graphics tablet is hardly feasible at constant moving, but maybe in moments of relaxation from the road. As an example of the last order-logo for network travel-journal.


One of the most interesting kinds of earnings is carried out on the spot. This opened the possibility for us only in Mexico, but will be trying to continue. The work found on the Internet. She Worked As The Nasty. Working day Guide (depending on your needs) of 50-150 $ USD.

Earnings on youtube channel and creating video

In 2015, our favorite partner offered to do video specially for a specific project. This three-one four-minute motivational videos collected from our material. We periodically seek people willing to buy raw material, but not yet. We have partnered with companies and we have opened additional methods of earning on Youtube. Earnings from Youtube while a small but stable. The main thing is to upload new videos to attract more subscribers, so they asked the advertising that is displayed under the video or in front of a video.

Drains sounds

A year and a half for sale sounds on runoff brought about US $ 55. Have an account on

Affiliate programs

The main earnings travel blogs. We only started to move in this direction in March 2016 onwards. Established affiliate programm from Airbnb. Even placed banners and links are affiliate programs found at travelpayouts: car rent, sale of tours, insurance. Let's see what the result will be a couple of months.

Sale of printed photos on Kapa

Unsuccessful attempt. We did the photo shop on our site. All in the mind: the catalog, with beautiful pictures, with a basket. There were several orders, unfortunately, brings shipping. We were unable to find a good singer-Russia pictures printed on Kapa, brought izlomannye and broken. I had to abandon the idea.

Selling handmade jewelry

At the end of year 2015 Nastya started creating jewelry from metal, natural stones and macrame. Some of the work she puts in my instagram. We tried to sell them in Colombia (Medellín, Cartagena) and Ecuador (Baños). Sales there, but a little. Tried to sell on Etsy, but need additional cash investments in advertising and promotion the store just didn't raskrutiš′sâ until it was postponed.


Our project is a non-profit, but around him have any suggestions for our readers who may be helpful to them, and at the same time support our ideas. In practice — it is more a moral support, but it is no less important. For example, custom cards brought a total of about 3 thousand rubles for two and a half years.

Donations-support coming from our friends and loved ones, for two and a half years, about 30 thousand rubles.

How to make the journey

Nicaragua, Black Beach

How to earn our friends and acquaintances in the journey

Testing services

We have a few friends who earn their living by working testers. Now many IT companies require such a plan. The work schedule is not as flexible, but can be anywhere and have a stable good earnings in the 1000-2000 $.


An unusual occupation for a traveler. We meet in different parts of the world. If you can work remotely and know the intricacies of his profession, then why not? For example, here is a job in marketing the team of travelers.

Sellers of stones

In South America, learn about such work as: buy in one country, precious and semiprecious stones and sell them in another country more expensive. Has its own hazards and risks, but if you have a well-established sales channels, you can travel together to combine and work.


We meet very many programmers on our way. Often guys work outsourced to the United States, and the work was originally found in the homeland or on American stock exchanges work. Salary in 2000-3000 $ allows you to travel and live where I want. You only need Internet access and 8-10 hours a day 5-6 times a week.

Sales of wafers

Know one girl who, in Cartagena (Colombia) has got a mobile cart-device and delights residents and visitors delicious waffles with different additives.

Faerŝiki, street musicians and jugglers

Anyone that can make a show in the streets and collect their appreciative audience-we applaud standing! They have great will and they are not afraid to be funny. For example, a living sculpture. Or jugglers whom we meet in many Latin American countries. Or street musicians who pleases our ear to the streets of gorodoav, in transport, we sometimes supplement our audio collection. And here is Katja Boletus twists fire POI and fans, going out in the evenings to travel the streets of cities.


For those who love cooking is a wonderful option! For example, Paulina when traveled with family and lived in South America for more than a year, started baking, bought a stove and baked every day cakes and delicious cakes for your Cafe and other restaurants. But Nastia does dishes of Russian cuisine in the form of dumplings, herring under a fur coat, dumplings and assorted sweet tarts in Medellín. And Anya has also opened its confectionery in Mexico with very delicious sweets.
We are in different tourist cities met on the streets of travelers selling cakes. They just go on the street and offered on a tray of their pastries. It can be candy manual modeling or chocolate brownie, or even pie with hemp.

Teacher of English

Now we have friends in different parts of the world, who work as teachers of English language and travel. This work more binds to the place, so it turns out not to travel as often as you like. But these guys make their own lives. Many have reported that in China and elsewhere in Asia are well paid for his work as a teacher of English.


In rich countries, it is convenient to work and earn less than rich countries, working odd jobs, and job searching on the spot by asking acquaintances at the fuel stations, reading the ads on posts and in the newspapers. So now travel, for example, guys Lesya and Vital for the United States.


In tourist cities meet street artists. For example, in San Cristóbal de las Casas in Mexico met with the girl Nadia from Russia, which draws portraits. Often you need to get a permit in place of the municipality, this can be zanimat′sâna to the street, but it's not difficult.

Tour operator in Antarctica

It is those who are lucky:) and who really wants to get there. For example, Stasya several years travelling around South America and wanted to Antarctica, and here she was offered a job, knowing about her dream. She recently returned from a visit, bringing many new impressions, stories and wonderful pictures.

Have your online business

Someone creates its online business and traveling, getting an income from the Internet. For example, Sonia and Andrey opened their online store things to protect from the rain FunkyRain and fell in love with Brazil, where involved in kitesurfing.

The other guys, and dasha Flighs have made two circumnavigations (one on a motorbike, another on the machine), sell online Premium AFTER accessories for Apple products.

Massage therapists and yoga teachers

We met such people with the Golden hands. If you are a licensed specialist, ready and excited to deal with someone else's health, then you will enjoy discovering new countries and at the same time and recover those who live there.


Meet those who goes with his suitcase, in his spare time, draw and žžužžat. Arriving at the hostel, they sit on the sidelines, choosing a man, make him a free tattoo, meanwhile, recruited from new comers. If you are a master tattoo and Kudos goes ahead of you, why not send a trip, capturing your suitcase with all the necessary (inks, needles, typewriter, etc.)?

Actors and actresses and advertising

Common jobs in India and Asia. Nikita even participated in the filming in Malaysia in a feature movie in the jungle. The conditions were just excellent-work only on weekends, all week and pay, is where to live, there is the Internet, there's plenty to do in the area. The day filming pay once in 10 more. than a day waiting for the filming. 2-3 weeks such work was enough to buy a ticket to China and another month to travel freely.


Do you think there are any hairdressers-travelers? It turns out that there is! At least one: Denis Yushin travels on a motorcycle around the world with 2015 year and cuts for gasoline and food.

Letting travelers on AirBnb

We know a lot of travelers who travel on money from putting their own housing, mostly apartments. But few guesses rent housing and earn through AirBnb. The most popular site of deposit and rent Airbnb connects two sides: landlords and seeking shelter. If housing is attractive for tourists (that has Wi-Fi, hot water, not far from the Centre, tourist attraction or by public transport), AirBnb can also practice a foreign language and to bring good income. Sign up and receive a $ 20 discount to reside in any part of the world.

How to make the journey

At the Lake Kuikoča, Ecuador

In summary

Our life in a long-term journey materially very similar to usual life in one place. All the same thoughts: where and how do I earn to travel and live, like the heart, to be able to eat a varied and tasty.

We love dream:) And no less than that we love to realize their dreams. Just so you can live! We believe that long-term travel is one of the keys to discovering life, interesting and eventful.

Let your trip lasts just as long as you want and run only surmountable obstacles!

If interested, read the continuation of the article further, as you can save in a way which the average cost in different countries, on which we spend money and other information.

The National Park "the Redwoods", United States

Sequoia National Park, United States

If you know more examples of travelers who earn along the way, write in the comments! We will be glad to:)

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