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Just look at these guys! :) We met them coincidentally in very strange circumstances. Agreeing on the rental of rooms and arriving at the place, found out that the owner of the room passed it over the next three days, as we drove. He met us with the words "oops confusion came out! but I have a place to kaučserferov can you poživete three days free, and then finish the room?" we agreed. "A couple from Germany", which travels to get around by renting motorbikes has caused us concern. We haven't seen them immediately and all wondered, what are they? How many of them? 35? 50? Lo and behold, I see the first sneakers 35go size, then goes to meet a smiling beautiful child:) Direct light look and handshake:) Guy too, though above the both of us-similar to the older student:) For three days we managed to befriend. This is the case when the communication did not disturb our horrible English:) We stayed late at the table, laughing and exchanging life stories and travel. In General, this David and Ana from Geramnii. IM 19 and 18 years:) After graduating from high school, they travel before University:) And as in the next post! #travelers #aroundtheworldmoments

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