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How you turned out to be such? Look and can not understand:) tapir holosye impossible. But beneath this pictures I want to tell you is not about tapirah. See wild animals can only be very deep in the jungle (or zoorarke). And there are a variety of reasons. Now accepted blame growing cities and city dwellers with cars and gasoline, but the citizens (who consider themselves white) disagree. Indians live in cities and villages, enjoy electricity, the same machines, but live gathering. Our Donji love Recalling Indian wedding, which once visited: "three full pickup loaded bushmeat! Monkeys, tapir, peccary, crocodiles, snakes! They even finger-sized monkeys eat! All eaten! "they say. But every story about the Indian Act can be divided into ten … Here they don't like: ( can't they in their relatively small size to cause such harm nature. Although, who knows … The complex issue of relations between people, between people and nature. Kindness here not soars. #tapir #animals #mammals #Amazonia #Ecuador

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