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As the saying goes, want to make laugh of God? Tell him about your plans! We gathered, means leave Baños. To the South, in Cuenca. Say our Doña Isabel (who filmed the room) that we say, knapsacks Pack soon. And it us and replies: "already? All? How come! And in Amazonia are not going? "we started to hem and haw that, in other times, somehow, then … And it says: "Let's go together, I have a sister-bliznâška in Tene lives. For a couple of days, at least! "in a nutshell, packing backpacks had to be postponed.
In the photo-Donji-Isabel and Marian-sister twins, women on which you can write a book:) Absolutely identical and fundamentally different:) When they are together, it seems, the atmosphere is charged by their love for each ARC, continuous laughter:) glow both:) both have five children and four grandchildren so far. But all of them a little, so they love visitors. Once in the House we Marians Donje plnâli that is prepared well both sisters, so transformed into balls), imagine this as Grandma squared:))) #aroundtheworldmoments

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